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Health Matters

As of November 2023, close to 200,000 refugees and asylum-seekers have been registered in Malaysia.

Many of them struggle to get a foothold in society, and when they fall sick, or when they need to see a doctor, the pathway to accessing healthcare remains a challenge.

Autrui Global exists as the front door for underserved communities to access mainstream healthcare.

It remains our goal to close the healthcare gap for underserved communities, so that they too can see light at the end of the tunnel.

We do this simply because we believe that health matters to everyone, everywhere.

The First 1,000 Days Project

The first 1,000 days period provides a crucial window of opportunity for the promotion of optimal health, growth and neurodevelopment of a child from conception to his/her second birthday.

Investing in these formative years establishes a strong foundation for a child, giving them an opportunity to thrive and develop to their full potential.

The First 1,000 Days Project is designed to offer essential pre and postnatal support to underserved pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers receive crucial antenatal services, essential supplements, nutrition education and breastfeeding support to ensure both their well-being and that of their developing child.

Additionally, the project monitors the growth and development of each child, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their well-being. This includes regular assessments to track key developmental milestones, ensuring early detection of any potential issues.

By addressing these multifaceted aspects, the First 1,000 Days Project strives to create a foundation for the health and well-being of both mothers and their children in underserved communities.

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