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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Starfish Malaysia Foundation (SMF) set up student hostels in the Kudat District of Sabah with the intention is to educate, elevate and empower school children.

This mission is needful because many of them live so deep in the interior of Sabah where access to formal education is almost impossible.

Seeing that education is one of the means that can break the cycle of poverty, Collective Missions is partnering with SMF to help turn these children’s dreams into reality.

At the hostels, these school children receive healthy balanced meals, transportation to their schools and also tuition.

On top of that, they will also be pastored by the warden of the hostel. Each child pays a minimal fee and the rest of their expenses come from people like you and me.

Your sponsorship would help provide for their meals, educational needs and also the upkeep the hostels’ facilities.


Partner With Us

For just RM300 per month, you can help a child break free from the cycle of poverty.

You can sponsor a student as an individual, a family or as a connect group.

How to sponsor a student?

  • Commit to sponsor a child for a minimum duration of 12 months.
  • You will receive a progressive report of your sponsored student.
  • Connect with the child by writing to them on a regular basis to [email protected].

Sponsor A Student

Sponsor A Student

The cost to sponsor one (1) student is RM300 per month.

Each sponsorship is for a minimum duration of 12 months.

Confirmation will be sent upon successful submission.
RM300.00 for each month, for 12 installments
RM900.00 for each month, for 4 installments
RM1,800.00 for each month, for 2 installments
One time payment of RM3,600.00

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