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Our volunteers are the true heroes behind the scene.

We believe in creating an excellent worship experience where everyone feels inclusive and welcomed.

There are many areas for to channel your gifts. Join the team and embrace the heartbeat of this community.

Team Creative

Sound, Light, Video, Staging, Props


Here is where it all happens behind the scene.

This team blends the collaborative skill sets of audio, video, lighting, staging and props to bring life and beauty into our weekly church gatherings.

If details and technicality attract you, this is the place for you.

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Design, Visual Technology, Live Broadcast


This team creates evocative visual storytelling, both print and digitally, that seamlessly links the Word of God with our community and global audience across Collective’s different touch points such as social media, website and live broadcast.
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Singers, Musicians, Songwriters


At Collective, music is our audible creative expression.

This team fosters and strengthens skillful musicians, singers and songwriters that amplifies the heart of worshippers and draws them closer to God through meaningful and purposeful worship.

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Drama, Dance, Hair & Make-up

Performing Arts

It’s where feelings and emotions intertwine and come alive!

This team enables the Gospel message to be preached with flair by cultivating individuals with artistic skills to express their creativity through drama, costume design, dance and hair and make-up.

Join us and we will set you up for showtime!

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Team Experience

Social Media, Photography, Ushers, Security, Hospitality, F&B, Facilities, Connect, Translation


Whether it’s by keeping the space tidy, serving food or even just being a personal touch in an impersonal world, the aim of our integrated team of ministries is to create a unique Collective experience tailored to each person who steps into our church.
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Collective Kids

Musician, Teaching Assistant, Activities Planner


Every Sunday, we provide a safe space for children to worship, learn about Jesus and foster friendships through fun games, crafts and learning activities.

We believe everyone deserves to encounter God and by building a strong foundation of worship in children, we set them on the right path.

If you are passionate about raising the next generation to be God-fearing and compassionate towards others, this is the place for you!

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Join A Team

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